Tuesday, September 22, 2009

May the reading begin!!!

All right,
let's hear it. Start commenting on the book ASAP. This will be your class participation grade. You have to comment on the book whenever I ask on the blog for your points throughout the semester.
Also, start working on your artist cards(they can be 3-d BTW, did I mention that? or video) The book shoud give you some artist to start chasing down an alley.

Monday, September 14, 2009


Hey all,
check out Russell's blog at www.tonabrix.blogspot.com. It's really good and has a ton(ha ha) of information about all sorts of stuff. Class was great tonight. It was good to see many folks making cuts and learning tools. You'll be ruling the world very soon with your skill saw skilz!!!! We'll start reading the book on Manday and that will be a big help in picking your ten Artist Trading Cards.
Later for now,

Monday, September 7, 2009

Welcome Fall 2009

Hello there. I sent all of you emails about class and the blog but I'll reiterate(I do that alot!!!). I will post all projects and writing prompts on the blog as well as images from your sketchbooks throughout the semester.
1st Project-2x4
Each of you will use one 2x4 to create a sculpture.
Rules:each student gets only 1 2x4
Guidelines: Nails,Screws,glue O.K.
Paint,Stain,Markers O.K.
The project will be due by October 5th

We'll be using the wood shop alot for the 1st project.

Everyone in class needs to buy a pair of Needle Nose Pliers and a Hammer for class.

The text for this semester is "This Is Modern Art" by Mathew Collings You need to get it(I'd try it used or see if anyone whose taken my class in the past has a copy to sell) by next Monday September 14th.

Everyone will also need to go to The Second Time Around Store(1690 U.S.1 South) and buy a book that will become their sketchbook for the semester. Please do this by next class period September 9th. We will be having an exhibit there this semester as well.
I'll see ya tonight.