Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Show Review, Pancake Station and FSS No Glitter!

Sorry about the late posting but there were technical difficulties after class which is my only window except for times like this at 7:33am. Joey is helping Windy cook eggies.
So SHOW REVIEW- Everyone needs to post about the entire process of the show from volunteering on Jan-26th to the SHow on Feb 18th. Talk about your work(titles) what they mean about others work, what your involvement in the PR blast was, networking at the exhibit(did you meet anyone new & did you take advantage of the situation), and don't forget the food and the band or anything else that was part of your experience. I know I said everyone got an A but that's contingent upon following through on this part of the process(REFLECTION YO).

2X4 Project- Post(mandatory) on Russel's blog- tonofbrix (sorry my computer won't let me add a link) and check out some great wood sculptors. Do this by next Monday. Rules- 1. Stain but no paint 2.Must use the entire 2x4(but only 1) 3. Wood Burning and Carving O.K. 4. Nails, Screws and Soccer Balls(found objects) O.K. and 5. FSS No Glitter!!!!!

CFAR and SOCC Presents-Pancake Station-Let's keep talking about it.

Betty Griffin Project-Malea Guiriba is going to come and speak to the class so ya'll can meet,measure, poke, prod, question etc. so you can design her collapsable, portable, public art piece.

See you Tonight.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Les is MORE!!!!!!!

Install night went well. Some folks got their stuff where they want it for the show and others just taped off space. BIG THANKS to Les for staying and helping with the install. Also thanks to FOLIO for putting us in the listings. The show will be great. I can't wait.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Alison Rocks

So Alison gets the best snack brought to class ever superlative. Sushi for everyone one yo! Tonights class was really cool. Everyone just came and got right to it. Next class we are meeting at Sertoma Second Time Around Store for install, trouble shooting and tweaking before the show on Weds. Mandy will let us know for sure but it sounds like Aslyn us our band for the night of. We'll need to bring $5 dollars on or before the night of the show to give to them. No oops I forgot nonsense either. They need to leave with $50(I'm puttin in $5 as well) on Weds. That's ridiculously cheap by the way. Have a great and safe weekend and call or email me if you need to. Oh I've added sketches by Libby and Ashlee and a finished piece by Christine(hair sifter) and the Sushi attack.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Honey We Need Hangers

Mandy, Sorry your image is sideways. I rotated and saved it but it's still wonky. Christine here's the image I missed last class. Alison said she's gonna make some analog fliers. Steve made a myspace event and Ashlee said 35 people have confirmed. Last Wednesday Becky Greenberg(a SOCC supporter)gave us a big shout out in her neighborhood column. Thanks Becky! I think fliers will be good to get to Sertoma, Simple G's etc to have them put in all customers bags. Ashlee was gonna have Dan Mccook help us out with a PSA. Now is the time to really push since there is some momentum. Do you feel it?

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Thanks to everyone who posted. I think they were really thoughtful and I hope set the tone for the rest of us to really start an organic dialogue about the text and the class in general. Here are some pictures of Alison, Christine, Cap'n Gabby, Steve and Mandy's sketchbooks. Have great weekend.
p.s. Sorry Christine your photo wouldn't load. I'll try next class.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Consciousness makes artifacts of us all.

Hey ya'll,
Everyone should have their book by now. I'm cruising through it and it's really good(I think). Please post on pages 4-8 ish of the book. I think that our experience of having the thrift store(our gallery and our studio) as well as S-3 as a communal studio become really interesting when plugged into O'doherty's ideas about the studio, artist and gallery.
Losers Weepers is another working title along with Touch Not the Cat. We will send out a press release next class. This should have at least one digital image attached to it. I'll bring my camera. The early sketchbooks look good. Remember these will be the focus of an exhibit later on in the semester. They should be rad not sad(sorry).