Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Anthropologie Visit

Thanks to all who made it tonight up to the Jacksonville Anthropologie store. Danielle gave us a great tour and we got to be a part of one of the window displays. Danielle said she email me/us pictures when the window is finished. Don't blink during the slideshow or you'll miss it.

Monday, March 22, 2010


Hey all,
I got a call on Friday from KC at the Hardware store. He's waiting for some follow up from us. I told him I'd stop by this week. Please stop in and introduce yourself and see what kinda of space looks good for your work. These pieces should look amazing as you've had tons of time to get them to that "amazing state" Also don't forget about food, band, soda pop etc.
BTW Aslyn and Naysayers have confirmed for SERTOMA exhibit. Please take a poster to SERTOMA this week someone/anyone!!!!
We are heading to J-ville Anthropologie this Wednesday for class. It's gonna be cool. Danielle is very excited and has stuff for us to do while we are there. We have to fill out forms again tonight.