Monday, October 26, 2009

It's Jim White Time

"Searching for the Wrong Eyed Jesus" this Weds.(October 28th 2009) at 7:00pm in the Gomache theatre at Flagler Student Center.

Check out his mySpace page


Sunday, October 25, 2009


What a cool show. I can't believe how well everything went. Way to go everyone. Kudos to Carly for finding entertainment at the last minute. What a great connection to make. I think we should send a thank you. Carly got all of her info. The work looked great and the room looked great. Patrcik( Art dept. Chair) couldn't believe it was the same roo. Thank you everyone for working so hard. You really represented yourselves, me and Flagler Art/Sculpture very well. I'm proud to know you.
Monday is Pumpkin Carvin'. Yee Haw and them the Film is Wednesday at 7:00pm in Gomache theatre. Jim White is a really good example of how a creative individual lets the South influence their work. Please check him out before the film.
Also let's learn from the 11(2x4)'s successes and shortcomings to make the next show even better. Let's get info out sooner and flyers and posters to Simple Gestures and evrywhere we can think. We had 100+ at the show last week. I think we can push 300 if EVERYONE pulls their weight and gets it together.
Don't forget to be reading that book and commenting. Chapter 3 has begun. Where are you on your trading cards and sketchbook?Have you shopped at the thrift store yet? Don't lose the momentum of having an awesome show right out of the gates and run out of breath.
See ya tomorrow,

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Official Check Up

Hey all,
Here's where you should be in the class. 1.Reading the book and commenting AT LEAST once per week. THIS IS YOUR CLASS PARTICIPATION GRADE AS I HAVE MENTIONED SINCE THE FIRST DAY OF CLASS(you can also comment about the class and what goes on or conversations you have during class with me or other sculptors in class). 2. Your Sketchbook should really(like really, really) be underway and you should start having ideas about displaying it for the December 2nd Show at Simple G's(If your sketchbook is weak,you will not do well on your final grade as this is a really MAJOR part of your grade). You should all take me up on talking these over with me and you should be checking each others sketch books out to start conceptualizing the show. 3. You should have some of your 10(Ten) living Sculptors picked out to do artist trading cards on and should be actively working on them. Remember we'll be showing these on December 2nd as well. 4. You should go shopping at Sertoma Second Time Around Store and get stuff for the show(Also should be thinking of names for the exhibit and begin the Press Release Process). This is all on each of you to get all of this done. PLEASE use your class periods wisely and use your Friday studio day. There is no way that you can get what you need to get done for this class from 5-7pm, 2 days a week.

My favorite queston MC asks in chapter 2 is "Was it aesthetic for the dismemberers?"

See you tomorrow,

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Weds Substitute Teacher

Hey all,
I forgot to remind you that Russell is covering class on Weds. I mentioned last week but in the Bookstore Art Show excitement of Monday I forgot. Definitely get those flyers out for the show on Next Weds. Sketchbooks!!!!!!!!!!! 10 Artist trading Cards!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, October 11, 2009


We should all be in Chapter 2 by now. SHOCK AND HORROR. Can't wait to see what the bookstore is like. SKETCHBOOKS SKETCHBOOKS SKETCHBOOKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Eleven by Hard Work = Good show

Good work everyone. I can't wait to see the work finished on Monday. Here is Megan hard at work on her sculpture.