Sunday, February 28, 2010

Date for the Book store show

Hey all,
The date for the bookstore show is March 31st from 5-8 pm. So now you have your work cut out for you. Bookstore exhibit, Hamblin Hardware Show, Simple Gestures Show(sketch books and 10 artist trading cards). Tom Sachs might be a good interview to read in relationship to the SERTOMA Exhibit. Then again it's just a good interview period. Oh, it's from this cool book where all of these sculptors are interviewed about their work and working process.
Anyway, as of yet there haven't really been any grading in class(except the sound of people not getting credit for commenting on the blog) because you guys decided to push the show back to April 2nd. I can only grade each of your pieces after the exhibits as being there and how you present them and participate in the production of the event is all part of the grade. Please feel free to discuss your finished 2x4 pieces with me if you'd like more feedback than I've already given to you during the making of.
I think we can go to Anthropologie on Wednesday the 24th of March to get a tour and make stuff that will be included in the windows!!!!! I'll confirm with Danielle this week and plan it.
There are some good comments from the last posting. Thanks to all who are contributing to the online dialouge.
See you tomorrow,

Sunday, February 21, 2010

SUITE 12 Ponce Mall

Friendly reminder that we are meeting at the SERTOMA bookstore on Monday at 5:00pm to volunteer. We will also decide the date of the show so SERTOMA folks can start planning on their end.
See you then,

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Hardware Store Show!!!

Good work from the fact finding crew that went to the Hardware Store. How cool will that be to connect to another local business and use your work to support them. The project is still due on February 17th. We need to get on to the next project. We will start talking about it on Monday.
Have a great weekend. Be safe!
p.s. Chicago is cold

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Shiver Me Timbers?

So Some of you left with 20 minutes left of class and meanwhile 6 of your classmates love "Shiver Me Timbers" as the title to the show. Also, Amelia, Julia, Joe and Denise are heading over to the True Value Hardware Store on King Street tomorrow to ask the owners about the show happening there instead of in S-3. Check the comments from the last post for the time. I'm cool with changing the show date if it serves the work better. Especially if it helps to promote a local business. I don't shop at that hardware store but might if you all put a show up there and lead me in! ART WORKS! Thanks to Joe and others IF THEY FOLLOW THROUGH!!!!?????
Either way the show is gonna rock. Check the video and see how much effort is going in.
So.........Shiver Me Timbers? is that the show title? If so start facebookin it yo. Flyers!!!!! Amelia, Julia, Joe and Denise tell us all the good news as soon as you hear it!!!!! With Dates. Is it still on a Wednesday? Please make use of studio time on Wednesday. If I'm not there it means I'm not talking and taking up your time working which means you are kicking it old school and getting much work done!!!!!

Monday, February 1, 2010

2x4 by love?

O.K. starting NOW! comment on the blog weekly. Noone except Joe has commented on the blog yet. He has also suggested the only title for the exhibit. 2x4xlove or 2x4xall. Any suggestions? We need to send this out this week. Also fliers and facebook/myspace activity needs to commence. February 17th(wednesday) Anybody have an idea for a band. We will all pay $5 and hire a band. That's 15x5=$75. I have a few contacts unless anyone else has any suggestions. Remember it's your show. Talk about it, email each other comment on the blog. Make it happen!!!!! Don't forget to invite all of your teachers, family and friends.
I will not be in class on Wednesday. Please use that time wisely. I will see if Laura can have a work study student be in the shop or see if Russell can stay later to let you have access to the shop. Remember Friday's are studio days, use them.
Also, start reading the book and commenting on the blog. I like the Tom Sachs interview alot. I like how he talks about branding and marketing in relationship to the Art Business.
Remember you need to pick ten living sculptors to research and make artist trading cards for. This book should give you some ideas.