Thursday, April 22, 2010

It was a great Spring 2010

Thanks to all of you for your hard work and a great semester of the Sculpture One Coffee Club.
Congrats on your lifetime memberships! Holler if I can help you out.
Have great summer and feel free to visit the center out in Hastings(400 East Harris Street, 32145)


  1. James Turrell-One of my favorite sculptors, I remember seeing him first in Art:21. The level of dedication that he put into Roden Crater is absolutely unparalleled. I remember he said something to the extent of "I've put three decades of my life, two marriages, and several thousands of dollars of debt into this project". Also I recall visiting the James Turrell light room at the Henry in Seattle several times last summer and being awed by the completely different atmospheres different times of day and lighting conditions presented.

  2. Richard Serra-Another favorite that I found from Art:21. Obviously the most notable aspect of his work is the epic scale. Massive sheets of rusted metal loom over the environment precariously like the sword of Democles. And although I'm not a huge fan of Matthew Barney, it is kind of cool that Serra had a cameo as "the forger" in one of his cremaster cycles.

  3. Ron Mueck-Uncomfortable Hyper-realism. One thing I never new before researching him more this semester was the change in scale that his work took, I always assumed they where all life size models. And until reading this article, I didn't realize that my approach to my final portfolio project was almost exactly similar, using chicken wire armature with foam, or in his case dental plaster.

  4. Kiki Smith-I have never seen someone who can be simultaneously so elegant and so grotesque and morbid. I have always appreciated her considered textures and deliberate, but not over powering use of color. Another aspect of her work that I respect is the hint at a narrative without actually saying what is going on. That being said I have fulfilled my obligatory comments, everyone have a nice summer and all that jazz...

  5. hey mike! i just wanted to know if you'd be around this upcoming semester, i wanted to know more about the molds you were doing at the end of the semester. I have my portfolio to do so i'm sure i'll be seeing you!

    hope you had a great summer!